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Issue 3 | 2 Dec. 2006

It's Indian, And It Rocks!

Bangalore-based Indian record label, DogmaTone Records has come up with a com pila tion of some of In dia's best Rock bands titled 'The First Mutiny: Dogmas of Indian Rock'. Available at all major stores, the album comprises of bands such as Vertigo, Moonstruck, Exodus, Pralay, Grungy Morphins, Demonic Resurrection, Kastadyne, Scream of Silence, Night Train, Hunger, Indian Breves, Cassini's Division, Enthrall, Kradle O' Beats and Alter Ego.

The album sure rocks, according to DJ, Rajesh. "It is good to find so much variety in an album and the fact that it is all Indian, makes us feel so proud," he said. Rock enthusiast Terrence Joshua said she liked the "flow at which the album progresses and the sound".

According to DogmaTone Records promoters, Sunil Anand, Ramprakash and Varun, people in India are yet to "tune in to the concept of a record label". Dwelling on the potential of a record label, they gave the example of Deep Purple who saw a casino on fire and created Smoke on the water and were fortunate enough to have a record  label company to extract this beautiful music and present it to the  market. "DogmaTone Records is set out to mine precious talent from all over India. We are moving ahead in phases and our first step is to create awareness about Rock music and make people realize the gap that  exists between mediocre remixes and pure the "Rock Tone", they said. Apart from being music lovers and rock fans, the trio are from the IT industry of Bangalore. While Sunil is a drummer, Varun is a guitarist and vocalist, and Ramprakash, the manager of a rock band.

The company welcomes all bands to send in their original compositions, which are reviewed by a panel comprising of highly talented Rock and Metal music DJs and musicians. The chosen bands will be associated with DogmaTone Records and will be in contention for a probable album release.

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