Inventure Academy adopts a tiger

Bangalore April 25, 2013 Students of Grade 4 at Inventure Academy started the academic year with an SUPW project in collaboration with EcoSlate – the education division of a company called Climatemiles. Students were sensitized about the ecosystem and also encouraged to take action towards conserving animals to preserve the eco system. As an outcome of the project, we visited the Bannerghata National Park with the intention of identifying an animal to adopt with the money that was raised by selling old newspapers. We had already raised a princely amount of Rs 3000/- !

It was at this point that we approached our CEO, Ms. Nooraine Fazal who said – why not a TIGER? We got back to the national park authorities to enquire about the cost of adopting a Tiger. We were taken aback to learn that the authorities spend an amount of 1 lakh each year for every tiger in the park. The challenge that was made by the CEO was that the school will contribute 50,000/- if the students raised 50,000/-.

In a world rife with social and environmental problems, schools and children have to often take the lead in responding proactively to sort out various issues in society. Inventure Academy has a set of six core values which are designed to inculcate appropriate responses to current problems amongst the entire school community.

Our recent example of this is the ‘Save the Tiger’ project, which is our response to one of Inventure Academy’s core values: Encouraging Sensitivity, where we respond to and encourage sensitivity to each others’ cultures, individual needs and differences, as well as respect for the environment.

With a target of collecting 1,00,000/- we were stumped for ideas to raise funds. We finally zeroed in on the idea of printing a calendar of student drawings on a “Save the Tiger” theme. With the support of the management, and guidance of our grade 4 teacher Ms Prabha Guhan, the children sold the first lot of 1000 calendars within four days to members of their community and friends. A second lot of 500 calendars were later printed and sold. The whole school – students, teachers and parents, worked tirelessly to help us raise funds for this cause. The response has been fantastic – everyone wants to help us in our mission. We hope to do this every year.

The school has pledged to match the student’s contribution and so on Friday, 5th April 2013, we went to the Bannerghata National Park and selected our ‘child’. This was a moment of great achievement and satisfaction for all of us, since: a) We did something about conserving biodiversity and b) It was amazing what we achieved when we all pulled together.

We named ‘Our Child’ – Inventure Parker.

Wouldn’t it be great if every school did something like this? There would be renewed hope for endangered animals and our environment!