Get digital at Lovedale’s Banyan School!

Classrooms that bridge the divide

July 2013, Bangalore : We are living in a digitally empowered era and there must be no limitations in the way technology is employed. At Lovedale’s Banyan School, we have traced a dramatic change in the teaching and learning process. 32 inch wall mount LCD monitors are mounted in each classroom. The monitor have wide screens ensuring that every student has a perfect view. Stereo speakers have also been installed so as to provide crystal clear sound that is audible in every corner of the classroom. To allow for easy mobility for teachers within classrooms, wireless mouses and keyboards have been arranged. This way the teacher is able to interact with students and yet access the screen from almost any where.Every class room is connected to a central server, enabling easy storage, organization and access of the data.

Access to computers, the internet are absolutely imperative in todays world. The access and ability to use technology has become very important amongst children of various ages regardless of class, caste, status etc. While some children may have numerous avenues to access the same, there are also those who are deprived of such opportunities. There are various schools that are unable to provide such resources. However, there also exist those educational instituions, organisations that strive to ensure that those students are updated on current skills. Thats where Lovedale’s “Banyan School” comes in. A new world class digital technology has been introduced. The purpose is for every child to excel and be exposed to the various digital learning processes.

Educational videos are used to teach subjects like Maths, Sceince and other subjects. Both animated and videos of HD quality to explain multiplication, divison etc. By supplementing theories along with visuals, kids are able to grasp them better and also find it easy to recollect in the future.

Additonally, a “Text to Speech” software has alse been adopted. This software reads out the digitized text books word by word with options to play/pause and vary the speed of narration. The software can also spell out words letter by letter, making it easier for the students to memorize the spelling and the pronunciation of the words. One can also use the software to look up meanings of words and their synonyms and antonyms.
Only if we wholistically equip our students today can they successfully face the world head on tomorrow.

About Lovedale Foundation

Lovedale Foundation is a not- for – profit organisation working for the upliftment of under privileged Children in suburban Bangalore, by providing them with holistic education and comprehensive community welfare programs such as health care, child rights awareness, life skills development and vocational training. Lovedale has a unique eco-friendly educational cum resource facility, The Banyan, in a developing village – Analgalpura, 16 kms away from the Bangalore city. Designed in collaboration with international and local educational and development experts, including University of Cambridge trained specialists and former United Nations Education Consultants Banyan School tries to create a best practice learning environment. The School provides high quality, English Medium education free of charge to two target groups: quarry workers’ children and deprived children living in Bangalore’s Care Homes. Currently the school houses 100 children from LKG to 1st Standard, with the aim of expanding up to 10th Standard by 2020. Lovedale also supports about 250 children through its school adoption program in Bangalore and Belgaum district.