Café Coffee Day, India’s largest social hub launches “Coffee Festival” in Bangalore

Learn to brew coffee the CCD way and bring home the freshness & aroma of our favourite beverage

Coffee Evangelist Merlin Raj at the Cafe Coffee Day Coffee Festival
Coffee Evangelist Merlin Raj at the Cafe Coffee Day Coffee Festival

Bangalore, 12th September, 2013 – ‘Coffee Festival’, a consumer connect initiative from Café Coffee Day (CCD), India’s largest retail coffee chain, has launched in the city. CCD endeavours to share the art of coffee making with consumers through the ‘Coffee Festival’ series. Karthik Nagar café in Bangalore will be hosting the festival for a month till 11th October 2013. Consumers can walk into any of these outlets and learn how to make a cuppa using simple coffee making tools like the ‘French Press’ and ‘Stovetop Espresso’ right in the comfort of their homes. To add to this is the ‘Coffee Day WakeCup’, a coffee brewing system using capsule technology that produces a glorious cup of coffee in just 30 seconds.

Kick starting the Coffee Festival, Merlin Raj at Café Coffee Day showcased the fine art of coffee making while sharing the many interesting facets of coffee. Speaking on the occasion he said, “Today coffee drinking is becoming more and more a part of our daily lifestyle and the requests we receive to learn this art is testimony to this trend.Coffee drinking is at the center of several conversations be it in cafés or at home. The coffee festivals are our attempt to help consumers indulge in this fine beverage and take back a part of the café experience home with them.”

Consumers can now purchase their home coffee making kits comprising of coffee makers and coffee powders to enjoy a similar taste like in the cafés. These are available at all CCD outlets in the city. Along with different blends of CCD’s coffee powders such as the ‘Arabica’, ‘Charge’ and ‘Perfect’, consumers can also opt for its premium range – ‘Mysore Royal’ and ‘Dark Forest’. Another offering is ‘Trist’, a coffee-on-the-go and the innovative ‘Filta Fresh’, a unique offering that gives you filter coffee in a minute through a simple brew-it-yourself process.

Coffee – The Amazing Social Beverage

Coffee is one of the select drinks that has universal appeal and is the world’s second most popular drink after water. The culture around coffee drinking andcoffeehouses dates back to 16th century Turkey. Over the years, a revival of this culture has been seen in our country and is moving into homes as well. Today, coffee drinking in India has matured from the cappuccinos and lattes to consumers enquiring about and appreciating the darker espressos.

‘Let’s meet for coffee is swiftly becoming a mantra even in India. People connect, chat up, clinch business deals and even enjoy holiday siestas over a favourite book with a coffee mug to sip from. Coffee is, without a doubt, the key to becoming the star of every social circle. Make your own home a mini social hub for people to meet, greet and chatter with endless cups of those perfect brews. Not only does CCD show you how, but also makes sure you have got the right equipment to get it right every time!